The Married with Board Games Podcast

We're Spencer and Lara and we're married with board games! We talk about board and card games with a critical eye on how they work for couples. But this show isn't just for couples! Everyone will find something they like here, from Game Night Grub recipes to reviews to advice, you'll hear it all on the Married with Board Games Podcast.
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The Married with Board Games Podcast



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Jun 21, 2017

On episode 20, we introduce some new segments!

First, we announce the winner of a copy of Exit: The Game! Then we talk about Flatline from Renegade Games, Unlock: The Island of Dr. Goorse from Space Cowboys, and Near and Far from Red Raven Games.

We introduce the first entry in our Board Game Trailers segment, where we envision games that should not be movies, as movies. The first subject to get this treatment is Hungry Hungry Hippos.

We head into a brief Game Night Grub segment, and then introduce another new segment, Rule Book Mad Libs!

Finally, we end the show discussing Con Envy. DO you get envious of people who go to all those awesome conventions? How do you deal with it??



Welcome - 00:15

Contest Winner - 02:13

Flatline - 03:35

Unlock - 16:50

Near and Far - 27:03

Board Game Trailers - 37:14

Game Night Grub - 44:34

Rule Book Mad Libs - 47:48

Discussion: Con Envy 54:03


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Jun 7, 2017

Episode 19 is a fantastic episode if we do say so ourselves! We begin with the announcement of a contest. Fill out a survey about our podcast and be entered to win a copy of Exit: The Game! Listen for all the details. Winner will be announced in episode 20 on June 21st. Link to survey:

Speaking of Exit: The Game, we also review a couple of entries in the series.

We also have a GREAT discussion with Jason Kotarski, publisher at Green Couch Games. We talk about the many hats he wears, where filler games fit into the board gaming hobby, and then we each give our top 5 filler games!

Jason also announces what is coming up next for Green Couch Games. Thanks so much to Jason for joining us on the show!

You can get more information about Green Couch Games here:


Contest Announcement: 2:23

Exit: The Game Review: 4:30

Discussion with Jason Kotarski: 15:38

Top 5 filler games with Jason Kotarski: 38:02

What’s next for Green Couch Games: 1:10:28

How to contact us and reviews: 1:19:52